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Welcome to US-India Business Alliance. This entity has recently changed its name to the Alliance of US India Business (AUSIB) with a different website that continues the work initially set out in this site.

the business of making moneyThat means all old archived content was moved away although we have included links to the new site and related sites in our resources page that you can find by following the navigation button above.

However, this website remains active in the area of business and the generation of wealth in a capitalist society.

We will continue to provide informative and useful insights into running a business online and the ins and outs of its predominant workings.

For more information on financial affairs at home, there is an excellent resource at the


Business cannot function without the addition of finance to underpin it, as money really does make the world go around. In financial matters, it pays to take advice from professionals in the field and not try to do everything yourself.

This is, in a way, being smart about finance and will pay great dividends when acted upon in the right way. But what is the right way and how do you recognize it?

This really depends upon what you need finance for and how you intend to use it, or more correctly, put it to good use. To get a business underway, it needs capital and it also needs investment if it is going to realistically succeed.

While it may not always be true that money attracts money, in the sense that a business needs to grow and expand, then by having a substantial working capital is basis for attracting investors who are reassured that they are not putting themselves at risk by potentially placing their money into a bottomless well. In that way, that attraction to wealth starts working in your favor and is of course a highly desirable thing.

Making Money Online

It may seem like the holy grail for anyone who has ever looked at the Internet and wondered if there was a way to make money from it. The simple answer is a resounding YES! A big part of making money online is knowing where to start and what to do in order to make it happen.

In fact there are many ways in which a person can make money from the Internet. They could be sitting in an office in New York, or a basement apartment in New Delhi or anywhere that is connected to the Internet for that matter anywhere in the world. Commerce and industry makes full use of the immense reach of the Internet.

Where there is such a huge investment of capital, there is an unstoppable cash flow to be made for the entrepreneur with ideas, vision and determination!

Online Marketing and Web Design

web designThere is a great deal of call for people who specialize in Internet marketing strategies and website design from companies around the world looking to expand their business onto the online platform.

Smaller specialist companies such as the British Web Design and Marketing Association already exist to take advantage of that need and do a particularly good job at filling it.

The balance of power has certainly shifted to an online business model in the last decade and companies that have already embraced it are reaping the rewards in that area.

Every conceivable business model from retail stores, service providers, insurance and financial companies, home designers to B2B companies and everything available to service those industries is already there.

Web Hosting and Advertising

A key factor in the ability for businesses to grow in the online arena is the incredible rate of expansion that web hosting has provided us with. As noted among entrepreneurs, mammoth advances in hardware technology has created super fast communications coupled with immense processing power, data storage facilities and server capacity.

This all adds up to the ability to host huge commercial websites that are interactive, fast loading and data rich that can handle all kinds of online advertising and product promotion.

The top end of the scale for large business has created a trickle down effect for small businesses to jump onto the bandwagon and host smaller but still feature rich websites at a lower cost than ever before.

With the biggest hosting companies offering discount codes, for example coupon discounts with a well respected company, it has become highly affordable and financially viable for even the smallest one-man business to have an effective web presence.

Those that have been slow to catch on are falling behind the leaders at an ever increasing rate. The future is already here and in many respects has already become a prosperous and upward facing "past" for many, while many more join them every day. Is your business one of them?

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